"The Home Team"


Are you wondering HOW to get more sales for your business? 

Do you have a weekly Sales Goal but just not making the Goal?

Do you want to do more Marketing Advertisement but don't have the funds?



Be part of "PhoneOps Home Team" and get more sales for your business. We'll Pay You! 







How Do You Pay Us?

By joining "PhoneOps Home Team", you'll be able to offer your products and/or services for FREE.

That way, more clients will come to you asking how can they get your products & services Free.







Don't have the means to offer your products & Services for FREE?

Don't worry, that's where PhoneOps comes in at as we'll reimburse you!





Here's how our program works?
  • Post our Advertisement Box at your location "Free...."


  • Once someone is interested, explain the program & get him/her to complete the short form then stick it into the box


  • Fax or e-mail the completed forms to us then we'll work with your Customer until they get insurance


  • The Customer will come back to you with their receipt from us that they got insurance, you give the Customer the "Free..." up to $20 in value.


  • Once transaction is complete, we'll reimburse you by depositing the funds into your account or simply mail you a check or hand deliver the funds. It's up to you!









Is this program good for all types of Products & Services?

See, it doesn't matter what products or services you have. Once you offer your Customers something for Free, they will continue to come back to you. More Customers = More Sales!



Products You Can Offer:

  • Free Groceries

  • Free Gas

  • Free Gift Card

  • Free Diner for 2

  • Free Jean Set

  • Free Value Meal

  • Free Hair Cut & Trim

  • Free Air Brush

  • & More....

Up to $20 Value

Services You Can Offer:

  • $20 off your next purchase

  • $20 off ($50 min purchase)

  • $20 off ($100 min purchase)

  • $20 discount

  • $20 off Plumbing work

  • $20 off Contractors Bill

  • $20 Store Credit

  • $20 of your next Gift Basket

  • & More...

Up to $20 Value




Ready to Get started???



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